Corner Bakery Kitchen

Retail Strategy / Prototype Design

Solving Brand Identity Clarity

One of Chicago’s beloved brands has made it to the national fast-casual market. We have been involved since the beginning of this brand as a junior designer, and as a customer, enjoying great egg dishes on the corner of Grand Ave. and Ohio. The future growth of this brand is undeniable. However, expansion to a new market might be a challenge from a name, product, and brand expression POV.  

The Process 

The strategic approach is to change the name from Corner Bakery Cafe to Corner Bakery Kitchen, in order to clarify that the new market is food-centric, beyond bakery. With this strategy, everything comes into place – a progressive, food-centric place that serves full, higher quality, Italian-inspired meals.

The Design

Collab Partners 
Corner Bakery Design Team,
Studio D/ VGS Team