Desa Ku (My Village)

Brand and Market Qualitative Positioning

Bring back my Ubud

As it is a blessing for Bali Island, tourism also brings a negative impact on the future of this Island of God. The massive investment comes at the same rate as the visitors that keep growing by the day, especially in the hospitality industry. The good news is, Bali, especially the Ubud area, has a very specific traditional style and flair that drive the lodging development. Most hoteliers stay with the Balinese style, and it's variety with different degree of investment level. However, something that is forgotten is the localized flare, especially in the countryside area, that is somewhat diminishing by time.

Desa Ku or easily translated as My Village is strategized to bring of Ubud countryside romance and spirit back to the Sandat Ubud village. Imagine you stay surrounded by an agricultural way of living, where every breath of life is dedicated to worship the Gods to keep the land keep blessing the people they entertain. Imagine the beauty of life simplicity invites visitors to participate in maintaining this land as part of the act of worship. It will bring the memory of the lifetime for people who stay even for a brief moment of their life.

Collab Partners 
Sukita Partners, Jakarta, INA, Formoperation, Jakarta, INA