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Drive Thru of the Future

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Drive-thru business has proven to generate 70% of the revenue of quick service or fast casual brands, but the current architectural prototype of these brands doesn’t reflect this business model. Even new prototypes still rely on traditional retail and order/sit down dining. That experience development is 90% of the investment, leaving 10% to the drive-thru experience – a split that hasn’t changed since the invention of the drive-thru concept. New developments in IT and social media engagement have complicated the matter, creating new challenges and opportunities in prototype development.

We have been challenged by two of the major QSR chains to evolve the future of drive-thru. McDonald’s, as a leader in the industry, started this in the early 2000s. Recently Jack in the Box tasked us with similar initiative. The brand decided to think about the importance of building brand connection through drive-thru experiences that include progressive brand engagement in every customer touch point, and social media engagement during the “Roll Thru” experience.

Collab Partners 
McDonald’s International, McDonald’s USA, FRCH Design Worldwide
Jack in the Box, VGS-Studio D